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Welcome to Carousel Pediatrics Resources

We desire the best for your child in health and wellness. That is why we have put together this web site to help guide you through your child’s growing years. You will find helpful information regarding immunizations, emotional, physical and social development in the Check Up section. On the Symptoms and Illnesses pages, you can find out more about specific symptoms and illnesses that may concern your child. The Issues page discusses several topics such as religion, smoking, and moral development. We even have educational quizzes for children 5-18 that can help you, as a parent, address issues such as drugs and teen pregnancy. We also offer a video series for purchase, detailing checkups for children 2 weeks to 18 years.

We hope you find this site helpful. We will continue to update it regularly to keep up with the growing needs of children today. Please remember that this site is no substitution for timely medical care.

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